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Sanu is a project dedicated to smooth caregiving for the elderly. Sanu enables seamless communication between caregivers and elderly relatives, breaking language barriers with multi-language chat and translation. "Sanu" includes essential features like appointment management, medication reminders, problem tracking, and preferences of the elderly.

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About the project

"Revolutionizing Elderly Caregiving: Breaking Language Barriers with Innovative Technology"

In response to the prevalent communication challenges in Elderly caregiving within Germany, our client recognized the need for a solution. Often, caregivers from Poland interact with German-speaking relatives of the elderly, leading to significant language barriers. To address this issue, our collaboration between DalloTech and Sanu culminated in the development of a groundbreaking mobile application.

Our mobile app is a comprehensive solution tailored to streamline caregiving processes. Key features include appointment management, routine organization, medication tracking, and a unique multi-lingual chat function with automated translation capabilities. This innovative approach ensures seamless communication between caregivers and elderly individuals, transcending language barriers effortlessly.

Powered by Flutter for cross-platform functionality, our app integrates the powerful DeepL API for precise translations, guaranteeing accurate and natural language conversions. Additionally, the implementation of Pubnub as our chat service provider ensures a reliable and efficient communication platform.

With our cutting-edge technology, we strive to revolutionize the Elderly caregiving landscape in Germany, providing a user-friendly interface that simplifies communication, appointment scheduling, medication management, and daily routines. Join us in fostering smoother and more efficient caregiving experiences for both caregivers and elderly individuals.





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