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Transfer Easy Files with Native OpenSSH on Windows, Linux, and Mac: A Complete Guide

Discover how to streamline your file transfers between local machines and remote servers using SFTP with native OpenSSH on Windows 10, Linux, and macOS. Say goodbye to third-party software complexities and embrace secure, efficient file management.


Design Optimization for better user experience

Learn about the concept of design optimization in the field of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. Discover how iterative refinement leads to superior user experiences through examples and insights. Understand the iterative process of refining designs based on user feedback to create more user-friendly and effective interfaces


Key to Financial Data Visualization: How Selection of Graphs make data more informative?

Explore how various graph and visualization tools, including line graphs, pie charts, bar graphs, treemaps, KPI dashboards, waterfall charts, and heat maps, can transform financial data analysis. Learn how selecting the right visualization method helps in accurate data interpretation and impactful presentations.


Accelerating Mobile App Development: Dallo Tech’s 20-Day Sprint with Flutter for Jeevan Vigyan Mobile App

Building a mobile app can be tough and often takes several months to complete. But with good proper planning and precise execution, remarkable results can be achieved in a very short timeframe. An illustrative example of this efficiency lies in the Jeevan Vigyan Mobile app made by Dallo Tech.


Automating Next.js Application Deployment with CI/CD Using GitHub Actions

Learn how to automate the deployment of your Next.js application using GitHub Actions and Docker, streamlining the CI/CD process. Follow step-by-step instructions to set up a CI/CD pipeline, configure GitHub Actions workflows, and deploy your Next.js app seamlessly to a remote server.


Deploying Next.js using Docker Compose

Learn how to deploy your Dockerized Next.js application on a remote server with this tutorial. Simplify your deployment process and manage your application efficiently using Docker Compose. Follow step-by-step instructions to push your Docker image to a repository, pull it onto your remote server, and run your Next.js app seamlessly.


Branding Guidelines of Dallo Tech

"Dallo" means a round or Spherical object in Nepali. And "Dallo Tech" means the sphere of technology. Dallo Tech is an IT-based company providing high-end Mobile App Development, Web App development and Business Process Optimization solutions.


Dockerizing Next.js App : Journey towards deployment

Discover the simplicity of deploying your Next.js app with Docker! This guide walks you through the steps for efficient and scalable deployment, highlighting the power of Docker for seamless production. Elevate your Node-based applications with ease and ensure a smooth deployment process.


Automation, and Human Intelligence in QA / Software Testing

Explore the integral role of QA and software testing in the software development process, where the collaboration between human intelligence and automation forms a powerful foundation. Discover how this dynamic duo ensures efficient and user-friendly software solutions, with insights into real-world applications like data visualization in the context of stock market apps.


Land Transactions with Blockchain: Operational Framework of LandChain

LandChain, a Blockchain-based system, aims to revolutionize the land transaction process. This blog post elaborates on the operational framework of LandChain.


Key Considerations for Startups Before Developing a Mobile App

Launch your startup's app right: Pick key features, platforms wisely. Follow app store rules, bug-free coding, cross-platform tips for success!


LandChain: Land Transaction using Distributed Ledger Technology(Blockchain)

Landchain redefines real estate transactions through blockchain. It digitizes paperwork, offers immutable DLT databases, tracks land transactions in real time


Deploying Next.js project on the Linux server using PM2 with SSL certificate(https)

Deploying the application is a crucial step in the completion of the project. There are various method of hosting the Next.Js project, but using PM2 is by far the most easy approach.


Apache vs. Nginx: A Comparative Analysis

When it comes to web servers, Apache and Nginx stand as two of the most prominent players in the field, each offering distinct features and capabilities. Web servers are fundamental components of the Internet infrastructure, responsible for serving web content to users' browsers.


Why to Choose Flutter in 2024: Unveiling the Power of Cross-Platform Development

In the realm of mobile app development, choosing the right framework can significantly impact the success and efficiency of your projects. As we step into 2024, one platform that continues to gain traction and admiration is Flutter - Google's open-source UI toolkit.

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