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Meroghar assists users in discovering the ideal home for their property. DalloTech develops a dynamic web application designed to efficiently manage the services provided by Meroghar.

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About the project

MeroGhar is a renowned construction company dedicated to assisting individuals in building their dream homes on their own land. Offering comprehensive solutions ranging from conceptualizing designs to construction and interior decoration, MeroGhar ensures a seamless home-building experience.

In a bid to modernize their services, MeroGhar collaborated with DalloTech to strategize the digital transformation of their offerings. Together, we envisioned a user-centric WebApp designed to enhance the customer experience. The platform allows site visitors to explore various house designs tailored to their specific needs, considering factors such as land dimensions, price range, preferred number of rooms, kitchen styles, and floor area.

Moreover, our collaborative effort introduced an intuitive admin portal, empowering administrators to effortlessly manage and update the available house designs. Additionally, we integrated a highly informative blog feature into the site, providing users with valuable insights and tips related to home construction and design.

Through this digital advancement, MeroGhar aims to streamline the process of choosing, designing, and constructing homes while delivering a user-friendly and informative platform to its clientele.






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