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4kuna is an online marketplace for the purchase, sale and rental of all kinds of properties. Dallo Tech provided a complete solution including webapp, mobile app and admin panel for 4Kuna

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About the project

Dallo Tech collaborated closely with our client to conceptualize and develop an advanced real estate platform catering to both users and agents, enabling seamless property listing and search functionalities. The resulting product, named 4Kuna, was designed as a cross-platform system accessible via the web, Android, and iOS devices, catering to users, agents, and internal office staff.

Within 4Kuna, users and agents can efficiently post properties, providing comprehensive details such as build areas, land area, construction year, room count, kitchen and bathroom numbers, parking availability, garden space, location pinpointing on a map, and expected pricing. Properties undergo a manual review by administrators before being approved and integrated into the system.

The platform offers an advanced search algorithm empowering users to apply various filtering criteria based on the aforementioned property features. Additionally, a search radius feature aids in displaying matching properties within specified proximity from the user's designated location.

Through the WebApp, Android App, iOS App, Agent Portal, and admin portal, 4Kuna operates seamlessly, accommodating the needs of thousands of daily users.

This comprehensive real estate platform amalgamates robust functionality with user-friendly interfaces across multiple devices, ensuring a smooth experience for both property seekers and agents alike.




What we did in this project

Elegant UI/UX Design

We have meticulously crafted an intuitive user interface that offers unparalleled ease of use. Our design ensures a seamless and effortless experience, prioritizing user-friendliness at every step.

Role Based Authentication

We've implemented role-based access controls within the admin panel, tailored to cater to various levels of management. This integration allows for a structured and secure hierarchy, ensuring appropriate access and permissions based on individual roles.

Easy Property Posting

We have introduced a streamlined property uploading and approval process, facilitating effortless additions of various property attributes during the posting phase. Users can seamlessly include diverse property-related details while listing their properties

Mapbox Integration

The website features seamless integration with Mapbox, enabling precise property location pinpointing for effortless property identification. This integration enhances user experience by offering advanced search options, simplifying property location and exploration.

Advance Filter

To aid in locating the ideal property, we've incorporated numerous filters. Combining these filters enables users to pinpoint properties that precisely match their requirements and preferences.

User focused Mobile App

In addition to the WebApp, we offer a user-centric mobile application that ensures accessibility from anywhere the user goes. This mobile app provides a seamless and user-friendly system that accommodates users' needs on the move.

What’s done (Steps involved in this project)

Idea Generation

The inception of the project stemmed from the client's vision for a sophisticated property portal capable of conducting advanced searches tailored to user preferences. Through collaborative discussions and brainstorming, the concept took shape.


Requirement Analysis and Proposal

Extensive analysis was conducted to comprehensively understand the project's scope. Detailed discussions with the client led to proposing a comprehensive solution comprising a WebApp and a mobile application. The proposal encompassed an array of features, including advanced search capabilities and a role-based admin panel for efficient management. In addition to outlining project requirements, a thorough estimation of project timelines, resources, and costs was presented to the client for approval.


UI/UX Design, Branding, and Prototyping

The design phase involved a meticulous approach towards crafting an appealing user interface (UI) and a seamless user experience (UX). It encompassed establishing brand identity elements and developing prototypes to visualize the aesthetics and functionalities of the proposed system.


UI/UX Presentation and Design Finalization

The designed elements were presented to the client for review and feedback. Iterative discussions and revisions took place until reaching a consensus and finalizing the design direction, ensuring alignment with the client's vision and expectations.


Frontend Development of Web

Skilled developers translated the finalized designs into fully functional web interfaces. Attention was given not only to aesthetics but also to usability, ensuring an intuitive user interface.


Backend Development and Database Implementation

Simultaneously, a robust backend infrastructure and database architecture were constructed to support the functionalities outlined in the project requirements. Emphasis was placed on scalability, security, and performance.


Mobile App UI Development

Dedicated efforts were put into designing and implementing a user-friendly and responsive interface specifically tailored for the mobile application, optimizing it for various devices and screen sizes.


API Integration on Both Platforms

The integration of APIs facilitated seamless data exchange and communication between the web and mobile platforms, ensuring coherence and consistency in information flow.


Testing and Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing phases, including functional, performance, and usability testing, were conducted to identify and rectify any issues or inconsistencies. User acceptance testing (UAT) was also performed to ensure alignment with client expectations.


Staging Deployment and Simulation

The project was deployed to staging environments for simulated real-world conditions, allowing for final checks and optimizations before actual deployment.


Bug Fixing, Performance Enhancement, and Optimization

Identified bugs were addressed, and performance optimizations were implemented to enhance the system's efficiency and responsiveness.


Production Deployment and Finalization

The thoroughly tested and refined project was deployed to the production environment, ensuring a seamless transition from development to the live system.


Handover and Documentation

Comprehensive documentation, including user manuals and system guides, was provided to the client alongside training sessions to facilitate understanding and utilization of the system. Ongoing support mechanisms were also established to address any post-deployment queries or issues.


We've created a user-based web application utilizing Next.js. For the Android and iOS applications, we employed Flutter's cross-platform functionality to achieve compatibility across both platforms.


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