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Dallo Tech helped to build the portfolio website of AlphaPlus Ventures. Alpha Plus is an investment fund that targets private placement of equity.

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Alpha Plus Ventures Website

About the project

The website serves as the comprehensive portfolio platform for Alpha Plus Ventures Limited, a distinguished private equity fund management company. It provides valuable insights into the company, its range of services, available funds, and details about the portfolio companies associated with these funds. This platform also offers in-depth insights into the various funds managed by Alpha Plus.

Dallo Tech played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and executing the website, contributing to its design, branding, development, and successful deployment. Our involvement ensured a seamless integration of design aesthetics, brand identity, and user-friendly functionalities.

This platform serves as an informative hub, enabling visitors to explore and understand the offerings of Alpha Plus Ventures Limited, gaining access to detailed information about their funds and the companies they support. The collaboration between Alpha Plus and Dallo Tech aimed to create an engaging and informative digital space that reflects the professionalism and expertise of the company.





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