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NotionPress helps users to export 1000s of notion pages and documents to various CMS like WordPress, Webflow, and Medium in one click.

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About the project

Our client faced challenges manually exporting thousands of blogs and articles to various CMS platforms as an Editor. They sought a solution to streamline this process, enabling them to efficiently publish content across different platforms without consuming excessive time.

DalloTech presented a comprehensive system that allows users to link their Notion accounts as the document source and seamlessly connect to multiple CMS platforms like WordPress, Medium, and Webflow within the system. Once these connections are established, users can effortlessly export Notion documents directly to their preferred CMS, saving hundreds of hours. An exceptional feature of this export functionality is its ability to preserve all the styling elements of the Notion document, including headings, italics, images, tables, and more.

The platform's architecture involved employing WordPress for the landing page, while the core application was crafted using ReactJS. Backend functionalities, such as connection features and exporting capabilities, were developed using Spring Boot. MySQL served as the database, hosted on Heroku.

This transformation realized the client's concept into a robust SaaS platform. Since its launch, hundreds of users have already embraced this system, with an influx of positive feedback validating its success.




What we did in this project

SaaS Platform

We developed a SaaS platform that enables users to effortlessly connect their Notion accounts and seamlessly export documents to multiple CMS platforms.

Payment Integration

We implemented Stripe to facilitate subscription-based payment methods.

Regex Engine

We engineered a Regex engine that assists in formatting Notion documents into platform-specific formats while preserving all the original styling.

Various CMS Integration

Currently, we have successfully integrated Wordpress, Medium, Webflow, and BigCommerce into our platform

What’s done (Steps involved in this project)

Problem Discussion and Idea formulation

Initially, our conversation centered on the challenges the client encountered when publishing blogs across various CMS platforms. We explored the potential of a SaaS platform, contemplating how it could offer invaluable assistance to thousands of users grappling with similar publishing hurdles.


Feasibility Analysis

At DalloTech, we conducted extensive research to gauge the viability of the concept. Our exploration encompassed detailed studies on Notion, its API, WordPress, the export mechanism, Medium with its connection features, and Webflow with its exporting mechanism. Upon concluding our analysis, we determined the feasibility of developing a SaaS platform capable of exporting Notion documents to various CMS platforms.


Requirement Analysis

Upon receiving the high-level requirements from the client, our DalloTech team conducted an in-depth study of the project's requirements and scope. We meticulously documented these details, iterating through multiple phases to ensure precise alignment between the client's vision and the scope of work.


Time and Cost estimation and Contract

Subsequently, we formulated the time and cost estimates for the client, leading to the signing of the project agreement.


UI/UX Design

Following that, the project commenced with wireframing. Our UI/UX team crafted the wireframe and implemented branding elements. A presentation showcasing the finalized UI/UX design was delivered to the client, followed by several rounds of design iteration to ensure client satisfaction.



Once the UI/UX design was finalized, development commenced with simultaneous tasks for both the backend and frontend of the application.


Regex Engine Development

Concurrently with the development phase, a dedicated team initiated the creation of the regex engine. This engine serves as the backbone of the system, undergoing extensive testing to ensure the precise preservation of Notion's original styling during export to various CMS platforms.


Wordpress Plugin Development

To facilitate API integration with WordPress into our system, we commenced the development of a plugin. This installable plugin within WordPress serves as a gateway, enabling the Rest API for our system. Through this API, our system seamlessly posts blogs to WordPress, streamlining the process.


Staging Deployment

The product underwent staging deployment, making the site accessible to both the internal team and beta testers for thorough testing and evaluation.


Blackbox Testing

A dedicated team carried out black box testing independently. The comprehensive analysis report resulting from these tests was then provided to the development team.


Production deployment

The production deployment of project was done and hosted on


Project Handover

Upon ensuring the system was devoid of any bugs or issues, it was officially handed over to the client.



The SAAS was crafted using cutting-edge technology, prioritizing seamless user interaction and experience.


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