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DalloTech worked on transforming the manual process of JeevanVigyan into Digital Methodology. Jeevan Vigyan Foundation is a nonprofit organization which provides free science-based information on life skills that promote happiness, empowering and focused on human concepts.

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About the project

Jeevan Vigyan Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to sharing science-based insights into life skills, emphasizing concepts that promote happiness and personal empowerment. As Jeevan Vigyan experienced a surge in popularity, an overwhelming number of individuals expressed interest in participating in their courses. However, the manual management of applications and course statuses posed significant challenges, necessitating a more efficient digital solution to handle the growing demand for course enrollments and event coordination.

In response to this need, DalloTech played a pivotal role in modernizing Jeevan Vigyan's operational processes. We conducted a comprehensive overhaul of the organization's approach, redefining the application procedures. Our dedicated efforts culminated in the development of a sophisticated website featuring cutting-edge administrative functionalities. This platform seamlessly manages courses and user interactions, empowering applicants to easily access and apply for courses online.

The successful transition to a digital platform yielded remarkable outcomes for Jeevan Vigyan. Notably, it led to a substantial increase in the internal team's efficiency, marking a minimum twofold enhancement in productivity. This transformation not only streamlined the application process but also facilitated smoother coordination of courses and events, furthering Jeevan Vigyan Foundation's mission to empower individuals with essential life skills for a happier and more fulfilled life.




What we did in this project

Modern UI/UX Based Website

We made a public website for JeevanVigyan focused on the users where use can see upcoming courses, events etc.

Digital Payment Integration

We Integrated digital payment methods like Stripe, Esewa, Khalti etc.

Easy Application Process

We made seamless application process for the courses in the JeevanVigyan

Feature rich Admin Panel

We made admin panel which control everything in the website including course management, financial management

Role based Authentication

We made role based authentication for different types of Admins, for eg. Super Admin, Operational Admin, Financial Admin

Multi Language Implementation

We implemented multi language Website, where user can switch between english and nepali language

What’s done (Steps involved in this project)

Initial Project Discussion

First of all we had the initial discussion of the idea client had in the mind regarding the website


Requirement Analysis

After getting the high level requirement from the client our team DalloTech had the detail study of the requirement and scope of work and prepared a detail documentation of the project. This step iterated for few times for perfectly aligning the client vision with the scope of work


Time and Cost estimation and Contract

Then we prepared the Time and cost estimation for the client and the project agreement was signed


UI/UX Design

Then the wireframing of the project started. Our UI/UX team prepared the wireframe and applied branding. There was a presentation of the completed UI/UX design to the client. We had few round of iteration of the design to satisfy the client



After the UI/UX design is locked we started the development. Both the backend and frontend task of application started.


In House Deployment

The inhouse deployment of the product took place.


White Box Testing

Testing team started working in parallel to development team for the identification of bugs. The testing report was provided to development team for the improvement


Staging Deployment

The staging deployment of the product was done and site was available for the internal team of the JeevanVigyan


Black Box Testing

An Independent team conducted the black box testing. The analysis report was provided to development team


Production deployment

The production deployment of project was done and hosted on


Project Handover

After assurance of the bug less system, the system was handed over to the client


The website was made with latest technology focused on easy user interaction


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