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Accelerating Mobile App Development: Dallo Tech’s 20-Day Sprint with Flutter for Jeevan Vigyan Mobile App

Published by:Anuj Poudel

Building a mobile app can be tough and often takes several months to complete. But with good proper planning and precise execution, remarkable results can be achieved in a very short timeframe.  An illustrative example of this efficiency lies in the Jeevan Vigyan Mobile app made by Dallo Tech. The Dallo Tech team has been working with this client for the past year on different projects mainly digitizing the processes in the Jeevan Vigyan Foundation which can also be termed as “Business Process Optimization”. 

The project started with a detailed requirement analysis phase, over a week. During this critical period, we examined and clarified the project’s needs, so that a solid foundation for project knowledge is developed. Once the requirements were fixed, we proceeded to the next stages of our 20-day sprint.

Day 1-5: Mobile UI/UX Design Using Figma 

Our Project Lead assigned the task of designing the UI/UX for the Jeevan Vigyan mobile app to our Senior UI/UX Designer. The project started with the creation of wireframes to figure out the app's flow and functionality. Eventually, the UI design was developed based on these wireframes. Using the existing branding of Jeevan Vigyan, our designer applied them to the UI which helped in the consistency and alignment with the organization's identity.

After the completion of the UI design, our focus shifted to for better user experience (UX) of the app. Firstly we worked on refining navigation paths, then optimizing user interactions, and finally ensuring easy usability throughout the interface. With the completion of the UX work, we proceeded to create an interactive prototype using Figma. These prototypes represented the app's design and functionality, allowing for a realistic preview of the user experience.

Prototyping in Figma

Fig: Prototyping in Figma

Following the prototyping phase, we conducted a presentation with the client to showcase the UI/UX design concepts. Clients were instantly impressed with the UI/UX and the flow which provided the green signal for us to move forward. Our team was delighted to receive immediate approval and positive feedback from the client, which indicates that our design approach perfectly aligned with their vision and requirements. This collaborative process ensured that the final UI/UX design met the expectations and objectives of the Jeevan Vigyan mobile app project.


Days 5-10: Converting UI/UX Design into a Flutter App

As the requirement was for a cross-platform mobile app, we chose Flutter for its rapid development capabilities. Two dedicated developers were assigned to the task. Our developers skillfully translated the Figma UI/UX design into a pixel-perfect Flutter mobile application. We used the power of GetX for efficient state management throughout the development process. In Parallel, a mobile QA tester was assigned to collaborate closely with UI/UX testing, employing human intelligence to meticulously evaluate the mobile app's functionality and design coherence. Several iterations were made to certain screens to enhance usability and achieve perfection.


Days 10-15: API Integration in Flutter App

With the completion of the UI development phase, we shifted to API integration. Using the existing system’s API, we started the API Integration. We used the Dio library for API integration. Additionally, we also integrated Firebase for crashlytics and notification services. This helps to enhance the app's stability and user engagement. Furthermore, we also seamlessly integrated payment gateways.

By the end of day 15, we had a fully functional mobile app ready for publication. In parallel, we initiated the process of setting up accounts for the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Meanwhile, we also distributed the app internally for black box testing, using the staging environment to identify and resolve any remaining issues before the official release.


Days 15-20: QA, Bug Fixes, and Deployment

With the completion of black box testing, our internal QA tester team identified and reported various bugs and suggested enhancements that will further increase useability. Our developers addressed these issues and started to shift into the production environment. By the end of day 17, the app was refined and bug-free, ready for deployment.

We successfully uploaded the mobile app to the Google Play Store, ensuring compliance with all requirements including graphics, privacy policy, and app content declaration. After undergoing the review process, the app was accepted into the Google Play Store by the end of day 19.

We also initiated the deployment process for the Apple App Store, with the app currently under review.

Our team comprised of one Project Manager, one UI/UX designer, two Flutter developers, one QA tester, and one deployment engineer. The collaboration was very effective which led to seamless delivery of a fully functional app to our client within the 20-day timeframe. We invite you to explore the mobile app via this link.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated team for their commitment and passion in achieving this milestone.
Do contact us at info@dallotech.com to accelerate your Mobile App Development process.  


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