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Branding Guidelines of Dallo Tech

Published by:Anuj Poudel

Brand Identity Introduction

Ever wondered about the story behind "Dallo Tech"? In the heart of Nepali culture, "Dallo" in Nepali signifies a round or spherical object.  Now, add "Tech" to it, and you've got "Dallo Tech" – essentially, the sphere of technology. Dallo Tech is more than just a name; it's the identity of an IT-driven company that excels in high-end Mobile App Development, Web App development, and Business Process Optimization solutions. We're not just about technology; we're about shaping the digital future. Welcome to Dallo Tech, where innovation meets excellence!

Brand Logo

Our logo encapsulates this essence seamlessly. The inner circle embodies the concept of "Dallo," representing the earth and the spherical nature of our tech endeavours. The outer circle symbolizes the vibrant aura of technology, illustrating how technology orbits around Dallo Tech. It's not just a logo; it's a visual testament to our commitment to the fusion of tradition and innovation.




Brand Color

Why blue? Because, like the vast sky, Dallo Tech extends limitless possibilities. Blue signifies our team's extensive experience and unending passion for learning and delivering exceptional services. Just as the sky knows no bounds, neither does Dallo Tech in its pursuit of excellence.




Come along for the ride as we navigate the fusion of time-tested expertise and cutting-edge technology at Dallo Tech. We're on a journey where the sphere of our tech prowess meets the endless possibilities of the future. Stay connected for frequent updates and deeper insights into the vibrant landscape of Dallo Tech! 🌐✨ 



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